Are you having trouble connecting your WordPress-Blog to the appful environment stating that no posts are available to display? This post helps you to find and resolve the issues.

Why does this occur?

In order to provide the fastest speed possible for your mobile app, our server indexes every post of your blog. This way, we are able to provide information to your users in real time on demand without the need of downloading the post from your blog first. However, this requires us to automatically crawl several of your posts once you connect your blog to our system. In general, that is no issue and does not cause any harm to your server as our service behaves like a normal user.  Yes, some commercial managed hosting companies (for e.g. WPEngine) try to protect you against illegal access and might identify the request of multiple posts in a short amount of time as a suspicious behaviour and therefore block our service.

How to resolve?

In a few cases, commercial hosting companies need to whitelist applications like ours through their system. We do have cooperations with a few of them, however, sometimes issues (for e.g. when a new server is added) can temporarily occur. To fix your app, please contact us for further details or ask your hosting company to whitelist the following hostname or IP: –

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