Content Marketing: Why Content is key to reach customers properly

Conventional banner-ads have seen a dramatic loss in relevance over the last years. This is nothing new to companies and marketing experts, who struggle to find a good alternative. With the growing number of installed bases of Adblockers, the banner business gets increasingly difficult. Moreover people do not pay attention to most banners anyway because they get flooded with these popping-up ads all day long. As a result, click-through-rates of the good old banners have reached one low after another.

Today’s users want to see real content. They want the companies to reach them with relevant content such as sponsored posts or with their own articles. This is what we call Content Marketing, a frequently used term for Marketing that is based on real content production. This is a well-established approach in the advertising and marketing business, in fact content marketing has turned out to be one of the most important and easiest ways to reach people effectively.

While content production usually follows the same pattern, the challenge of reaching the user properly remains. To get started, there are many different channels. Each has its own pros and cons, mostly depending on the target group and purpose.

The most important channel in order to reach a large number of people certainly are the Social Medias. Besides Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is by far the major player in this business.

Why Facebook is getting more expensive for Content Marketing

Facebook is the easiest way of using the power of viral posts and content for better advertising. Companies profit by reaching completly new customers, who would otherwise never get to know their products or services. But the problem is that today almost every company (no matter which size) has a presence on Facebook and publishes its content, which sometimes really is not interesting or relevant for anyone.

To improve the relevance of its posts, Facebook responded with aggressively filtering its content. But still users got flooded with huge amounts of posts. This is why Facebook has recently taken the controversial step of heavily reducing the reach of Facebook pages, in order to provide more of the original user experience of the social network.

This would seem like a small step for some, but in fact the organic reach of companies on Facebook decreased dramatically. It went so far, that they had to rely on sponsored posts to make sure that they don’t lose a majority of their community.

Why an app should be a part of every Content Marketing strategy

While Facebook remains being the best platform in order to acquire new users, you should also think about reaching the more loyal and active customers. The solution to this is a very simple way of content publication: Mobile Apps. An app not only provides a very convenient way of publishing content, it also enables you to connect directly with your most active customers, community-members and even your employees.

Just like a Facebook page or a nicely managed online-blog it is not easy to create a really good app, that can provide real benefits for the user. The content has to be relevant and interesting enough in order to keep readers excited for new articles.

If this is the case: Great. Then there is absolutely no better way for users to consume content. Apps are much faster than websites and offer a better look & feel across the entire system. Moreover apps provide features like “offline reading” or “read later”, something a website just is not capable of.

After all, apps do not have to wait for its users to open them, like it is the case for websites and blogs. If you are an app-operator, you can easily make use of one of the most powerful tools in order to reach users directly and at the push of a button: push notifications. They pop up wherever the user is at that moment and feature an average click-rate of 90%. Certainly you have to make sure that your app offers an option to switch notifications off or adapt them to avoid annoying spam-messages.

3 ways to build a great content app

In House Development

  • The big PRO of an own team of developers is that you have full control over your project. On the other hand, you also have to take on full responsibility.
  • If there is no existing basis or infrastructure, it is very complex to build an entire team from scratch, that is professional and experienced enough to build competitive apps.
  • In addition an own team is both very expensive and inflexible. Huge effort is required at the beginning – later support takes less time.


  • Another way is to outsource both the development and support in order to gain flexibility.
  • But agencies usually are too expensive and still do not have the experience necessary to build modern apps for content publishing.

Content App Solution

  • Most managers these days turn to special companies.
  • Normally they provide a comprehensive service through years of experience and the right background system.
  • Even though you have to consider existing structures and elements for your app, it takes less time to develop and the program is easily customizable afterwards.
  • The biggest PROs are the unrivalled flexibility, the possibility to easily scale the project and the low price. With a strong system in the background, apps can be built very fast without spending nearly as much money as for agencies or an in-house-development.

Content apps from

We from appful are a company, that focuses on content-apps for other companies and content publishers. Our blazingly fast apps and features like real-time-editing via our dashboard are made possible through an elaborated system in the background. We also emphasise a nice look & feel throughout the system to provide a singular user experience. By working closely with customers like VAUDE, Greenpeace, PeTA and many more, we were able to prove and demonstrate the advantages of having an own app for your Content Marketing strategy.

We have shown that companies with mobile content apps not only reach completely new people and customers, but also reach them differently. Besides winning new customers, mobile apps are able to tie in existing customers, who visit your Social Media page, blog and newsletter. Thus Content Marketing turns into a possibility to not only advertise your product or service, but also secure customers’ loyalty as well as exclusiveness and independence of your company.

Jürgen Ulbrich ist bereits viele Jahre im App und Online Publishing Sektor tätig. 2016 verkaufte er sein Online Magazin und legte seinen Focus auf das mitbegründete Unternehmen appful GmbH.