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of mobile usage time
is spent in mobile apps

Make use of that potential and bring your content marketing, publishing or collection to the next level.


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A few use cases

Our sophisticated system covers many use cases.
Now it's your turn to realize your dreams and imaginations.

Content Publishing with a mobile App


Online Magazines

Communication within the company (e.g. News)

Mobile Content App for Content Marketing


Acquisition of new customers

Brand Building

Building strong customer relationships

Internal Company mobile Apps


Knowledge Base for customers

Database for reseller or employees

Apps: Best channel for content publishing

Nowadays, while literally everyone uses social networks it is not only hard to stand out, they also reduce posts by companies in favour of content from friends. However, mobile apps have a solution to offer:


Direct & unfiltered reach using push notifications

Place on the user's homescreen


Best look & feel using native applications

Intuitive Interface

Offline availability


Independence from social networks as sole channel

Unique plattform for customers

Features, you'll love

Having an app on the app store is nice, but only a set of professional features makes an app truly powerful.

WordPress to mobile App Conversion

Opimized Conversion from Social Media & Web

Cleverly placed banner enable you to directly transfer the user into the app and outline the app's advantages.

WordPress to App Journey
Dasoboard for Editing of mobile App

Real-Time editing from wherever you are

Our powerful network enables you to instantly edit your app from all over the world.

WordPress Pluign Dashboard
Mobile App Growth

Long term content monetisation using subscriptions

Refinance your content production through a sustainable, long-lasting and optional subscription model which grants the user access to exclusive content.

In App

Why you have found the right solution
for your company

With the goal to provide the best service possible,
we work hand in hand with our customers.


Our powerful system offers you the best infrastructure for your App

New functions are added consistently


Scalable pricing that suits your needs

Scaleable functions

Custom-Designs possible


Updates, maintenance and full support included in every plan

Yearslong experience in the app business



press and customer opinions

One-click integrations for

WordPress to App Plugin

Most Useful Functions for
your WordPress Mobile App

"Form follows function". With our solution we offer the most important app features, which will help to make your mobile app a great success.

High performance
content casheing

Our sophisticated, redundant high-performance network acquires a real-time cache of your whole WordPress blog content in order to provide the best user-experience possible for your mobile app. Multiple servers balance the load and traffic generated by app users through our system and make sure that your WordPress blog will not experience any traffic peaks because of your content app. Therefore, your WordPress blog app will seamlessly integrate into your existing eco-system and lift the heavy load from your blog installation so you can focus on what is really important: Making an impact with content publishing. Adding to that, your readers or customers can enjoy the full power and speed of your native content app.

Offline reading
for app users

Though mobile networks are constantly extended, we experience moments without or only slow mobile internet connection. In this situation reveals another useful feature in all our mobile apps: Offline reading. Beside the fact that our solution tries to intelligently save a lot of article the user might want to read, it is possible to do it manually. Simple save an article to the Read Later List in the mobile App. With this moment the post is saved offline on the mobile device until it is removed. Your community, customers or employees will thank you for this app feature.

Native comments
in your mobile app.

An elaborated native commenting system empowers you to integrate the best social interaction experience possible, right inside your mobile app on the user’s phone. Multiple solutions such as a native Disqus app integration or a native WordPress comment app integration make sure that users can interact and discuss with your whole community.

Perfect WordPress mobile App Service
for your Project

We are no classic agency. We don't focus just one the comprehensive setup at the beginning. We are a WordPress mobile App Service Company. We provide our powerful value throughout the time the app is published and grows.

WordPress Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

appful is a SaaS company focused on enterprise mobile apps. Our mission is to help companies, publishers & magazines to reach their customers, employees & users with their content - through one of the most powerful content channel: a mobile app.

Over the last years one of the biggest shifts in the history of the internet took place: internet usage on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, nowadays exceeds PC usage. Consumers use their mobile phones especially for accessing content informations, e.g. news from around the planet or ingredients for self-made pizza. In addition to that the usage of mobile browsers continuously shrikes. The vast majority of 80% of the time that smartphones are used, users use mobile apps instead of mobile websites. The reasons are obvious. A mobile app is faster and more convenient with a better look & feel. Moreover the publisher is able to directly reach his community through push notifications.

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